How to withdraw USDC to Binance from Metamask Wallet

Step 1. Login to your account.

Step 2. Select the wallet button on the right side of the screen and select Fiat and Spot in the dropdown

Step 3. Select the yellow deposit button.

Step 4. Select the Deposit crypto button.

Step 5. Click on select coin and type in BUSD then Under network select "BSC BNB smart chain network(BEP20)".

Step 6. Copy the address by selecting the square icon.

Step 7. Open up your Metamask in the top right corner under extensions.

Step 8. Select BUSD.

Step 9. Under the β€œ send to” button paste the address you copied from Binance.

Step 10. Select β€œ asset” and choose BUSD just under that select the amount you would like to transfer you don't have to worry about Gas price and gas limit all you have to do is select next.

Step 11. Go back to Binance and your BUSD will be in your Fiat and Spot Wallet.

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