Welcome to NFsTay.com Traveler's Club, home to the first NFT-based Timeshare Ownership protocol. We are tokenising the value of unused nights, one token at a time.

Property Management - Our Bread and butter

NFsTay.com leverages the power of Airbnb/Booking.com and Smart Contracts. Rent-to-Rent (R2R) Explained: Also known as Rent-to-Serviced Accommodation in the UK or Rental Arbitrage in the USA. Rent-to-Rent is where NFsTay.com rents a property from a landlord on a 3 to 10 years lease and pays a fixed and guaranteed rent, while short letting the property on Airbnb and similar platforms. This is one of the most profitable property strategies. It's compliant with UK law and can generate substantial earning potential. Why The Short-term Rental Market? There’s a reason billionaires invest between 21-40% of their wealth in real estate. It delivers returns! Now with Airbnb, there’s a new opportunity. The only problem? Traditional real estate investing is hard… We decided it doesn’t have to be. We replaced traditional down payments, headaches, time-wasting and low returns with machine learning and automated management.

Understanding how NFsTay generates revenue

We will show an example using real numbers for one of our properties. To add this house to our portfolio, we've invested: One month's rent (£850), one month's deposit (£850), Sourcing Fee (£1,500), Refurbishment & Setup (£2,700), Miscellaneous (£500). Total Invested: £6,400

  • £2,150 Gross Monthly Revenue for 1 House in Liverpool

  • £850 Guaranteed Rent to the Landlord

  • £550 Utility bills and running costs

Net Profit: £750

That is a conservative 11.72% monthly profit.

50% of this profit is sent to the Treasury Wallet, whose main function is to Buyback and Burn our utility token. Please click here to learn more about our Treasury.

How do we achieve those numbers

  • UK Property Market: The UK has proven itself as a high-yielding property market year after year.

  • The best team on the block: All members of the NFsTay.com team are trained and experienced in their roles; they are friendly, motivated, and committed to providing the customer with a service unmatched by others.

  • Dynamic AI Calendar Pricing: In order to maximize returns, we like to keep our void periods to a minimum, and that is when our dynamic pricing makes a difference.

  • High-quality properties: Aiming for both, the best return for our investors and the experience of our tenants, our portfolio is made up of only the best available properties in the market.

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